Mehr Meer

Mehr Meer

Site-specific video/audio-installation

Courtyard of the Bildungszentrum Nuremberg  (2001)

Projection surface 9 m x 12 m (video projector, stereo-speaker, amplifier, transmitter)

The outside installation „more sea“ uses the facade of a courtyard as an imposing projection wall. Breaking waves roll over the window front. The accompanying sound is at first inaudible, the visitor is obliged to seek the acoustic completion of the filmed impression of nature by entering the glass-made elevators flanking the court. Here too, the projection surface is not confined to a passive function. Clara Rueprich effects an encounter between the film and the architecture that changes both of them. The film is divided into sound and image, in this way seeping tangibly into the architecture of the building. In turn, the sound installation in the elevators reacts to the automatic announcements of the floor number by replacing them with reports of the wind force at sea. 

(Prof. Gabriele Oberreuter)