Mobile Grain Field

Mobiles Getreidefeld 

(Mobile grain field)

Site-specific installation / Temporary square occupation
Project for the ”Erlangen parcours” on the occasion of the town anniversary of Erlangen 2002

Erlangen, summer 2002: A barley field enters the town, covering over insignificant and characterless squares, levelling out the flotsam and jetsam installed there (e.g. benches, fast food stands, pot plants, play equipment). The field is fragmented, standardised, arriving in the format of a commercial product; the barley is sewn and grown on specially prepared Euro-pallets. Flexible modules resulted, which can be freely combined and transported by forklift. The field moves form square to square. Three squares are involved in the temporary work. In the town, the landscape excerpt has the appearance of a monochrome painting, whose surface is structured by growth, ripening, rain and wind.