Growth Zone

Growth zone

Concept for the art competition ”Infrastruk-Tour”, Roth (2002)

(selected for realisation)

Instead of working with themes such as sport, leisure or information, as stipulated in the competition, I intend to create a clearly demarcated zone within a pasture landscape and prevent it being used in any way. Instead of introducing foreign materials or elements to the area, I will fall back on elements native to the landscape itself. My function as an artist is restricted to creating the preconditions of a natural succession. 

A sculptural process will be set in motion. With a quadratic surface area of 80 x 80 meters a compact form will gradually emerge out of the surrounding meadowland. The project involves a continuous growth process stretching over a period of decades, with a fixed starting point and an indefinite conclusion. There will be no further direct human intervention; the growth zone will undergo various stages of succession (e.g. undergrowth, trees). I accompany and document this process.